Breastfeeding Basics

Join Becky LaBombard, Certified Lactation Counselor and owner of The Milk Mentor for a course that will discuss the how-to’s and advantages of breastfeeding. This course covers: Importance of breastfeeding for lactating parent and baby, breast changes, The Golden Hour, managing expectations around breastfeeding in the early days of life, positioning and latching, common challenges and troubleshooting, milk expression, common questions and beyond!

Partner or one support person are encouraged to attend. This class is geared toward those who are interested in and anticipate breastfeeding as well as for those who are undecided and exploring what breastfeeding may look like for their family. Also a great refresher for those wanting to brush up on breastfeeding skills prior to the arrival of a new baby. Doulas and other birth workers looking to refresh their skills are also welcome to purchase tickets and attend. Please dress comfortably. Feel free to bring drinks/snacks for yourself.

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