Mamas Make Milk Support Group

Mamas Make Milk Support Group
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Becoming the parent you know you can and want to be can be difficult, especially when there are challenges in feeding your baby.
Parent wellness can take a toll when babies growth, development, eating and sleeping patterns are not in balance.
Mamas Make Milk is a supportive community where we learn about, practice and experience optimal
eating, sleeping, relaxing, growing and becoming parents- together.
Doing parenthood well in the real world, in our modern times 2024 and beyond!

How we feed babies is the main job in the beginning.
Sleeping coming in a close second….growth and development, well, there’s that too.
At Mamas Make Milk, you will be supported through your families unique journey.

This isn’t your standard “how to” or to ask for specific advice about feeding amounts, timing, latches, and complaints about this, that or the other…whatever
Are you looking for a step by step of detailed how to’s?
Do you love asking and taking the advice of everyone and their mother?
If yes, this might not be the group for you.

This IS a group for you parents wanting to gather with other parents to learn, discover, explore and practice
FUN , real, helpful skills, tips, techniques and practical solutions.
Know what to do, why and how, for now, for YOUR unique situation. No judgement, “shoulds” or “have to’s”.

Parents are making milk all the time, day and night.
Breast and or bottle, finger, syringe, cup, tube….then solid food! Wow! Babies eat a lot.
Be sure about nourishment at each stage and step.
Get together in a group and be supported, gain insight, guidance and friendships.
New community starting soon!
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