Peaceful Perinatal

Peaceful Perinatal
Appointment Types Home Visits, Telehealth Visits
LGBTQ+ inclusive practice

All people who are pregnant and parenting deserve support that meets their unique needs.

Peaceful Perinatal offers trauma-informed pregnancy, lactation, and parenting support for families across the United States to help every parent reach their goals and build strong, positive relationships with their babies.

Services include:
– Prenatal lactation counseling
– Postnatal lactation counseling
– Pumping and/or bottle feeding support
– Weaning support
– Tailored classes for individuals, groups, or families (for example, Lactation 101)
– The Survivor Moms’ Companion (SMC) Program

It is an honor to work with all families during their journeys through pregnancy and parenthood. Peaceful Perinatal is proud to be an LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming practice.

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